1. hi jose. enter your url of the following error:

    Error: database driver problem detected

    The site administrator should verify server configuration

    PHP has not been properly configured with the MySQLi extension for it to communicate with MySQL. Please check your php.ini file or recompile PHP.

    can you help me?

  2. Thank you Jose. This is of immense help to proceed with moodle install for first time. Unfortunately I am stuck with below issue.

    Intsalled moodle 2.9 version on CentOS6.5. the error is:

    Config table does not contain version, can not continue, sorry.

    As troubleshooting suggestion, have performed below steps;

    Open <moodleinstalldir>/version.php
    Find the value in $version
    Open 'mdl_config' in database manager
    Insert key after last entry with name = 'version' and value = <value found in version.php>

    Additionally tried to delete cache folder from moodledata as well but still no luck. 

    Any help will be sincerely appreciated.

  3. It is really very very helpful. I wanted to setup and learn Moodle but could not. After getting your How to install moodle …. I have done it and now I am learning. Please help me for my live knowledge share portal. Regards, Reza

  4. hello Jose,
    great job!
    i have intalled centOS 6.5 (virtual machine) on a host not locally.
    i ve tried to install moodle:
    i ve tried ip/moodle/install.php
    and also ip/moodle/admin/install.php
    both ways i got error 403 forbidden access..
    i ve changed permissions to 777..same error.
    any ideas??
    thanks mate.. 

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