LinuxOS Installation | Virtual Machine

Hey Guys, In this session we will learn how to install Linux OS in a Virtual Machine.
We are using VMware as a virtual machine.

Open VMware Workstation by double clicking the left mouse key on VMware workstation shortcut.
Now click on Create a New Virtual Machine.
Select Typical(recommended) radio button and click on NEXT
Select I will install operating system later and click on NEXT
Select Linux as guest operating system and select version of your choice, here iam using CentOS 7 64-bit and click on NEXT
Now click on Browse to select the location(optional), click on NEXT
Click on NEXT(the disk size can be increased based on our requirement)
Click on Customized Hardware and select the source file of Linux OS by selecting NEW CD/DVD option
click on new iso image file and select the path of the source file
Select the Network adapter as Bridge and cilck on close.
Now select Power on this Virtual Machine.
Select Install CentOS 7 with the help of arrow buttons and hit ENTER button.
Select language as English and hit continue.
Click on Date and Time and select Region for Date and Time settings, click on Done.
Now click on Software Selection and select Gnome Desktop or Server with GUI, click on Done.
Click on Installation Destination and select the hard disk and click on Done.
Click on Network and Hostname and turn on Ethernet and click on Begin Installation.
Click on Root Password and type in the Password and repeat the password and click on Done.
Click on User Creation and type in the username and password for the user and click on Done.
Now Click on Reboot and the completion of the installation process
Accept the License informationa and click on done and click on Finish Configuration.
Enter the Password of the user and login.
Thanks for watching…

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