zabbix monitoring tool Installation CentOS 8 | Open-source Enterprise | Tech Arkit

How to Install Zabbix Monitoring Tool in CentOS 8 Step by Step Guide.
✔ Monitoring Networks, networking devices
✔ Servers and services monitoring
✔ Cloud infrastructure monitoring
✔ Applications
✔ Web services, web monitoring
✔ Storage devices
✔ Virtual machines, VMWare & Hyper-V
✔ Java based application monitoring
✔ Databases monitoring
✔ It provides KPI / SLA
✔ Indicates security measures
✔ Database monitoring MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and IBM DB2
✔ System level monitoring like, Memory, CPU, Disk, Process
✔ Monitor network devices, hardware, virtual machines, VMware hypervisor and VMware vCenter
✔ Supports multiple authentication methods, LDAP and Active Directory
✔ Notify through Email
✔ Auto-discovery and automated metric collections
✔ Distributed monitoring

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  1. Hello ! 🙂 I have a question: I have a lot of Linux servers and I should access all of them individually. Is there a centralized service where I can authorize and authenticate the access to all of that servers and if possible use multi factor authentication?

    Thanks in advance.

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